‘I Have gained so much at Landmark’ – Russel Izedome


Russel Izedome, immediate past Chairman, Students Representatives Council and Business Administration Graduate

How did you get to know about Landmark University and why did you choose it?

I was not even thinking of coming to Landmark University. I applied to University of Lagos because I was in Lagos and in the process, my elder brother who is in the same department with me (400 level and doing Business Administration) went for Covenant University examination, but was not among those who were eventually selected. But a text message was sent to the phone numbers of the parents of students who were not picked that there was another option for them, which was Landmark. He (elder brother) was the one that was called, but I actually followed him and we came for the examination together. Then there was not much infrastructure on ground at Landmark. Everything looked so unreal to me. I was asking myself, “What is here for me? This is a school that was just beginning. How will I cope?” We sat for the examinations and by God’s grace, I was the fourth student (among the pioneering students) to be admitted to Landmark.


Looking back at 2011, it must have seemed to you that you were embarking on a long journey; but four years later, you are about to graduate. What is your feeling?

I discovered that no matter how long it takes somebody to know what he is supposed to do in life and why, God will definitely direct his footsteps. What I mean by that is this: not only was I just a student of Landmark, I did not do anything to be Chairman of the Students Representatives Council. The person you are speaking to now is not the same person that gained admission to Landmark in 2011. The transformation in every area of my life is evident since 2011. So much have happened, I have gained so much at Landmark since I came in.



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