‘The Jesus (Christ) Approach is the Best Approach’ – Pastor Dominion Daniel,


Pastor Dominion Daniel, University Chaplain

As the first set of students get ready to graduate at Landmark University, what has been your experience inculcating the Christ-like life in them as University Chaplain?

It has been an awesome experience; we have had a great and wonderful time with the students, including the graduating students. God has given us the grace to be able to inculcate Christian virtues; the principles of Jesus we project here (at Landmark), which will enable them excel in every area of their lives.

Some of the students must have come from backgrounds that were not Christian or even Pentecostal. How did these students respond to the virtues you teach them at Landmark in the past four years?

As you already know, Landmark is a Christian University. The Jesus Christ factor is our whole approach, which is not negotiable. Every student that is admitted is given a copy of the university handbook and he is expected to go through it, which will give such student the knowledge and understanding of what we set out to do here. The Jesus approach, whether in industry, business, science and indeed everything has over the centuries, proven to be the best approach.

How do you see the students practicalising these virtues or teachings when they leave the four walls of Landmark and go into the real world, the job market where there is so much compromise?

Compromise begins at home. The bible tells us “train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” That is a strong Christian principle. At Landmark, we not only tell them what to do, we show them how to do it. We believe that when they see us do it, they will also begin to do it themselves. We have no doubt that they will continue to practice what they have learned here.

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