‘Landmark is a Special Citadel of Learning’ – Chelsea Betek


Chelsea Betek, Vice Chairperson, Students Representatives Council and International Relations Graduate

What was your impression when you got here?

Before I came in, I knew Landmark was a brand new institution, so I really did not expect to see much on ground in terms of infrastructure. I knew of course that Rome was not built in a day and so I did not expect to see so many infrastructures. But I also knew that within a short time, we will have more infrastructures as we have now.

One of your mates said she was one of the first three students at the initial matriculation. Were you also one of those three?

No, I came here much later

Four years ago you were a fresher, a first year student. Four years later, you are graduating. What is going on in your mind as you prepare for your convocation ceremony?

It is simply the most exciting experience of my life because I have never been a graduate before. All eyes are on us, expecting something great from us. I am excited, my family is excited that I am about go graduate from Landmark University with a B.Sc in International Relations. I am blessed to have come to Landmark.

What type of education are you taking away into the real world?

Landmark University is not like any other Nigerian university. It is a special citadel of learning. We are not just groomed in learning, we are also  groomed in character. We are not going out like graduates of secular universities. We have been groomed in attitude, character, charisma. I believe when you see a Landmark graduate out there you will notice the difference. Landmark university goes beyond the normal classroom lectures, although we are also excellent in that aspect to the glory of God. I believe that the university has gone a step further than other universities to give more to its students and equip them well.

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