France Trails Attackers

France Trails AttackersAuthorities in France have declared a three-day mourning period for 129 victims of the coordinated attacks in Paris last Friday. But as the world shares in its grief, France has said that it would not succumb to blackmail from the Islamic state, IS, which claimed responsibility for the attacks. They are living up to that promise. Already seven of the eight attackers have been killed , while the security is on the trail of the eightth person. The first of the identified attackers is Ismail Mostefai. Though dead, the security has taken in six members of his family into custody
But the authorities are already working on a theory that there may be more than eight persons involved in the attack on France. This is because the security have found a get away car that has guns in it. They therefore suspect that the car having been found in the eastern Paris suburb may have been used by some of the attackers who probably escaped through Belgium. Two other attackers are said to have lived in Brussels.
The Belgian government is working closely with the French to unravel the movement of the attackers , before and after the crime.
The attackers had hit a concert hall sitting 2,500 people, a sports stadium, where president Francois Hollande had to be spirited out to safety, a restaurant and bars, all in the capital, Paris. The French president cancelled his planned trip this Sunday to Turkey, where he was supposed to attend the G 20 meeting. His justice minister will however be at an emergency meeting scheduled for Friday to discuss security measures.
Meanwhile, a special service is being held this evening in Paris for the dead and 350 persons wounded in the attac

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