World Oral Health Day: Pepsodent Leads the Fight

Pepsodent in partnership with the Nigerian Dental Association, NDA, is taking the bold step to promoting the culture of brushing day and night which is a global best practice to healthy oral care.

To mark this year’s World Oral Health Day, WOHD, Pepsodent in conjunction with the NDA have mapped out activities to directly engage Nigerians and improve their oral care.

With the theme “Smile for Life” Olabode Ijarogbe, President, NDA, at a media briefing in Lagos said that the WOHD celebration will take place at the University of Lagos, UNILAG, Sporting Complex on March 20 with 1500 children participating to take a pledge to brush twice daily. Also there will be a dental booth for participants to take a smile pledge.

Working with Unilever, Ijarogbe said, “the NDA through its State Chapters will hold oral health promotion activities in different parts of the country including Edo, Imo, Enugu, FCT Abuja, Ogun, Ondo, Lagos, Zamfara, Oyo and Ebonyi.

“Free dental check-up will hold in these locations from March 18, as dentists will be available to carry out dental check-up with a view to bringing out attitudinal change among most Nigerians who are in the habit of not reporting their oral problems until they have developed so massively that surgery becomes so difficult if not impossible.”

Commenting on this, David Okeme, the Brand Building Director stated Unilever is collaborating with the NDA as part of efforts in delivering superior oral care to consumers and ensuring a cavity free Nigeria.

“We are driving the message of brushing twice daily. As a business, we believe in doing business in a sustainable way. We need to grow our business responsively. For us we know that it takes a strong commitment to ensure cavity free Nigeria. We want a situation where every Nigerian, both child and adult, is cavity free and therefore able to smile naturally. That is the big objective and this is what ties NDA and Unilever together,” Okeme said.





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