Nigeria May Be A Hopeless State – Soyinka

Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laurent has said he will prefer to call Nigeria a hopeless state if the over 230 Government secondary school girls kidnapped in Chibok, Borno State are not found.

Soyinka made the statement on Hardtalk, a BBC programme this morning while responding to questions from the stations correspondent.

Soyinka who said there are moments he sees Nigeria as a failed state, say the West African country has not gone beyond redemption. But said as a country, “We are poised on the thine edge of the knife.”

Expressing hope on the on-going national conference, the Nobel Laureate said, there is the need for “all to sit down and discuss that Nigeria is too much to manage.” This he mean when he said, “it is easier for instance, to manage a crisis of this kind or even to prevent it if we were a smaller nation,” he added.

The Professor asserted that the country’s current experience is the most critical time over and above even the civil war of the unity, which was overcome.

The Nobel Laureate who did not give a straight answer when he was asked if he still believes that the largest country in Africa will live as one for the next one-hundred-years, said, “I prefer nation space especially for artificial spaces like ours.

“That space is getting smaller, fragile; getting more questionable every moment that we live.”


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