Google Reinvents Mobile Smartphones

United States Internet giants, Google, is trying to reinvent mobile smartphones that slots together piece by piece like lego, as most phone makers are making sleeker handsets.

Google, aims to challenge its rival Apple’s thin iPhones product with the Google Ara project, giving knowledgeable smartphone builders the option to build their phone themselves.

The Ara phone is part of its bid to widen Internet access to users in developing countries and it could create a new industry for assembly-ready handset parts.

Google said the phone consists of a base structure on which various square, magnetic modular parts can be attached such as Screen, battery, camera, speakers and more.

Ara would allow users to replace individual components rather than throwing the whole phone away and buying a new one.

“Technology lovers will love it, but remain cautious about how popular it may be compared to other polished smartphones that fit warmly and easy on the palm,” analysts say.

Fans and bloggers of this new technology, queued up to see the prototype presented in Barcelona, Spain recently even when analysts were skeptical.

Google’s associate, US firm Yezz, presented a prototype of the build-your-own device this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s biggest wireless telecom trade fair.

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