Waiting for Buhari’s Axe

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President Muhammadu Buhari must come to our rescue. Telephone service providers are wringing our necks. One Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, a rent collector, is breaking our backs. Both illegally extort customers. They receive money for services not rendered. It is more than that as you find in stories I swear to tell with no embellishment nor adding a line incorrect.

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A telephone service provider, Airtel, has invented a new brand of addition and subtraction. If you consume two seconds at 80k per second, according to their calculations and you have in your phone a credit of N5, 000, it will bill you N 1.60k, perhaps, but your balance will read N4, 700. And to make sure you exhaust the N5, 000,it will start to bombard you with all sorts of bird-brained promotions you never asked for and will proceed to even deduct money for these unsolicited and unsubscribed services without your approval. If you want to protest against their illegal deductions through their so-called client-service department, you will spend hours waiting on telephone for attention without success until your patience runs out.

Airtel has been fleecing me in the last two months with their new arithmetic, which could only subsist in all-fools’ paradise. Airtel as Econet, Vmobile, Zain and Celtel was reliable. Not any longer.

I challenge the new boss of the Nigerian Communication Commission to use my case to investigate Airtel and their illegal deductions. My number is 08023065712. Airtel bills me on calls that did not go through to the other end. There used to be a consumer council in the old Nigeria where regulation wrought the progress we enjoyed in all spheres in the 1950s to the mid-1980s. One finds so many promotions, lotteries and lucky draws in the media nowadays. There is a law on public collections. We obtained permits for such draws in the past to protect the public. Why is the law on public collections being breached by the media? The telephone service providers, especially Airtel, have spun their own crooked promotions to cheat millions of subscribers. Who want their wisdom on business or their religious scripts, or their happy marriage tips, or their noisy music? These are things Airtel flood subscribers with one second after the other. Airtel is screwing its subscribers and the big whip of Muhammadu Buhari is needed now to bring sanity to that telephone provider’s service to save us talakawas who brought him to power. These rent collectors did not want him because they enjoyed the climate the PDP reactionaries offered for extortion of the poor and the destruction of the middle-class.

The Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company is worse than Airtel. This company is a looter. People say it is owned largely by one former military leader who does not even veil his voracious appetite for greed. Before I narrate this company’s crazy and dubious activities and bills, let me stress here that all the so-called distributors of electricity are operating illegally. One fake company not known to our statute sold the so-called service they provide to them. Power Holding Company of Nigeria [PHCN] never existed according to our laws and could not have given to people what it did not own…

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