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The character of any nation is the sum of its leadership quality. Leadership is not necessarily one person. But there must be an arrowhead whose virtues or vices, as the case may be, pull people of like minds to the core of its being.

I was not surprised to see the names reeled out by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC as sharers of the booty from Goodluck Jonathan’s pot of gold from the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. But what hurts me most is that the governor of the bank has not been decent enough to quit that post for betraying the people’s confidence in his office in this so-called democratic climate. The money was not appropriated.

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What is Godwin Emefiele still hanging out there for? Is the EFCC keeping him there as a valuable prosecution asset? His role in the transactions seems actionable. Who is to carry the can for that deliberate violation of Nigeria’s banking policy?

The grapevine leaked to us Charles Soludo’s resistance against money being passed through CBN to prosecute the Otta farmer’s third-term bid then.

In fact, all the banks resisted being associated with the “isusu” of the governors, who also gunned for the same advantage, to help bribe their way through that attempt to alter our constitution. Perhaps, he and Senator Andy Uba will presently shed light on the nitty-gritty of that episode.

Uba is not un-conversant with Ghana Must Go (GMG) bags as former special assistant to an almighty President. Was Soludo’s recalcitrance the cause of that $900,000 seized in a presidential jet not being channelled through the CBN?

This country has been rotten for a long while. Imagine, presidential jets were being used to ferry money out of Nigeria against the nation’s foreign exchange laws? Nobody has been punished for that till date in Nigeria, though, a United States of America court found somebody guilty of that crime.

Really what Nigeria has lacked for some time now has been integrity in leadership.

This is why one must admire the role of General Yakubu Gowon in Nigeria’s politics. He does not dabble openly in public controversy to inflame passion. But some holier-than thou former leader throws his weight around, calling the kettle black whereas the pot is jet darker than the other object.

One of the first things, I was taught by my trainers in journalism was to avoid printing hearsay. When in doubt, find out or leave out.

Not a few stories were slung to blackmail my colleague, Olusegun Osoba, former governor of Ogun State. He should be having a big laugh now that the traps set for him could not spring any catch.

I knew when Jonathan sent Sambo Dasuki, Tony Anenih and Mike Oghiadomhe to reach him individually with promises of a heavy cash and that he turned them down. That was when some of us advised him to make his rejection of the PDP public before the last presidential election. And so he did. It is too late in the day to change one’s tailor. How could Osoba, former Action Group sympathiser, a Unity Party of Nigeria aide, a former Social Democratic Party governor have become an agent of a neo-liberal and conservative group without a vision for Nigeria or the foggiest idea of what government entailed?

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