Terrorism: The Challenge Of Deadly Weapons

TELL Cover Page

TELL Cover Page

By Bobson Gbinije


“And Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge,

With Ate by His side come hot from hell, shall in these confines

With A Monarch’s   voice, cry ‘Havoc’

And let slip the dogs   of war”.

Shakespeare (in Julius Caesar)


Dogmatic blandishments, doctrinaire sophistry, religious extremism and systematic political indoctrination etc, have unleashed a horde of psychopathic mass murderers on our world. Terrorists and terrorism has become the horrendous predator on humanity. Hence, the English playwright William Shakespeare said that “…men have lost their reasons and power has flown to the brutish beast”.

Following the ‘Paris Attack’ and the subsequent United Nation’s Security Council unanimous adoption and resolution of the French-drafted document urging the UN members to “take all necessary measures” in the fight against IS. The UN resolution 2249 also condemned the recent attacks in Sousse, Tunisia and Ankara, Turkey.

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The UN Security Council called on member states to “eradicate the safe haven” IS and other militant groups had established over parts of Iraq and Syria. The document also stresses that nations should “redouble and co-ordinate their efforts to prevent and suppress terrorist attacks”. However, it does not invoke the UN’s chapter VII (8) which gives specific legal authorization for the use of force. France and Russia argued that military action is justified because of the right of countries to defend themselves.

This UN resolution will precipitate the ascendency of terrorism and it will stimulate its aggressive serpentine spread to all nooks and crannies of our world, and sequel to the current desire for the world to come together to lunch a singular arrowhead against terrorism and terrorists, it will definitely make these murderous irritants to resort to the use of chemical, radiological and biological weapons, etc to perpetrate their heinous crimes against our world.

How ready are America, Russia, France, Britain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Niger, Chad, Egypt, Mali, Ethiopia, South-Sudan, Yemen, Eritrea, Somalia and others to deracinate the tentacles of biological, radiological and chemical weapons when unleashed on them by Islamic State (IS), Al Qaeda, Shite, Sunni, Tijaniya, Quadariya, Boko Haram, Al Shabah, Hizbollah, etc terrorists groups?

It is unquestionably obvious to our world that these terrorists groups have the stockpile, productive capabilities and pragmatic quotient to produce and unleash chemical weapons on protean nations, precipitating global genocide. We have seen the unleashing of chemical weapons in Japan, Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait. There is abundant evidence to show that Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, etc are listed by the CIA as supporters of terrorism and are believed to possess the aforementioned deadly weapons.

Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, as we have seen, are inherently terrorizing. They evoke moral dread, emotional turpitude and visceral revulsion. The government of any country attacked with such weapons would have difficulty controlling the anarchical entropy and apocalyptic confusion, it will cause, because these weapons are silent killers and an attack could occur at any time without warning…

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