Scarcity of Aviation Fuel Halts Air Travels

Due to the shortage of aviation fuel that hit the country this week, local and international flight operators in the country are having a hard time meeting up with their schedules. Jet-A1, commonly known as aviation fuel, has been reportedly scarce in some cities since Monday with Abuja one of the cities seriously affected.

The scarcity has forced some airline operators to delay, reschedule or cancel their flights while other operators have to fly first to other cities to fuel their aircraft before flying to Abuja. This leaves a large number of intending passengers restless, especially those who intend to travel before the weekend when the Abuja Airport runway will be shut again for rehabilitation.

Although it is difficult explaining the reasons behind the aviation fuel scarcity now, as there had been no increment in its price, reports have it that the fuel is just not readily available for buyers. The price of aviation fuel presently ranges from N160, N180 to N200 per litre, depending on the points of sale amid other factors.


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