Police to Promote 36, 599 Officers

The Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, has promised to motivate junior police officers of the Nigeria Police Force, NPF, with immediate promotion.  The exercise will take place immediately after May 29 inauguration of the new government. The IGP who spoke through Hillary Okpara, deputy inspector general, DIG, Welfare, said 36,599 would be promoted within inspectors and other officers of the force.

Police to Promote 36, 599 Officers

Speaking during IG’s interactive session with Police Inspectors and other Rank and File drawn across all zonal commands in the country at Force Headquarters in Abuja, Okpara said those to be promoted from Sergeant to Inspector would be 6,483, while those to be promoted from Corporal to Sergeant are 29,937. From constable to corporal, only 179 would be promoted.

This is one of the welfare agenda of the new IGP for officers and men of the force. Promotion for the junior police officers has been stagnant for six years as their last promotion was in 2009 leaving several officers due for promotions.

Okpara further stated that, NPF is giving opportunity to those who failed the previous promotion examination and those who were sick a second chance. Those whose rank were reduced and those who were away for foreign services would also be considered.

In his earlier address to the officers, Arase said the promotion will come up immediately after inauguration. He also briefed the officers on thrust of his plan for the force saying welfare of the officers is primary to the administration, but would be tied to good conduct.

He pointed out that the resolve of his administration to fight corruption in the police force will restore public confidence for the NPF, as well as restore the dignity of the force. The IG said he has already banned the use of police officers posted to VIPs as domestic agents. “On no account should you act as domestic servant to them. You are police officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and they must respect you as such. Your uniform must be respected, anyone who wants to hire a domestic help should not use our police men who have been sent to protect them. I have directed commissioners of police in charge of airports that if they find any of you carrying riffles and dragging bags all over the place for them, they should arrest you. And you will be punished” he said.

In terms of housing, Arase disclosed that three to four million affordable housing would be constructed for the junior officers. “I know you invested in FOCAS, now we have a mortgage bank, and a cooperative. Between the cooperative and the mortgage bank, we are thinking of ensuring that we build you affordable houses that would not cost you more than 3.5 million to 4million. We are doing this so that we will be able to give you a future. If you are going to retire from the police in 35 years knowing that there is a good house for you, good school for your children and a shop where your wife can sell, then you should know that you should not be corrupt.”


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