Muslim Community Urges Probe of $9.3m Controversy

The Jama’atu Nasril Islam, JNI, an umbrella body for the Muslim community in Nigeria, on Monday urged the National Assembly and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to probe the controversial $9.3 million impounded by the South African authorities.

In a statement released by the body, Khalid Aliyu-Abubakar, its Secretary-General said that given the circumstances surrounding the $9.3 million allegedly meant for the procurement of arms for the government, it was imperative for the National Assembly and the EFCC to thoroughly investigate the claim and prosecute those involved in the case no matter how highly placed.

“Our Senators must rise to the occasion; EFCC must wholly play its role in this direction by prosecuting those involved to adequately face the wrath of the law. It doesn’t matter whose ox is gored. All relevant government agencies must also discharge their responsibilities without fear or favor showing the world that our country is serious.” Aliyu-Abubakar said.

It will be recalled that the money in question, valued at R102 million, was smuggled into Johannesburg, South Africa by two Nigerians and an Israeli in a private jet belonging to Ayo Oritsejafor, President, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN.

“What is more shocking is the said government’s full knowledge of it, despite its illegality and the attempt to intervene in such a scandalous matter which attracts the full weight of the law. There is more to the explanation given by the government on the matter. Therefore government should tell Nigerians the real fact on the issue. We hope the matter will not be meddled with.” He added.

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