Governor Abubakar Has Brought Relief to the People of Zamfara State – Hon Tukur Ibrahim Nahuche, chairman, Bungudu Local Government

Abdul-AbubakarZamfara State has witnessed the translation of progress into reality by His Excellency, Governor Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar, Shattiman Mafara, who is a great strategist, honest and focused personality. With intimidating credentials, he achieves excellent results in whatever he does.

Governor Abubakar has not only carved a niche for himself as an astute administrator but also as a great motivator who has dedicated his life to the service of humanity and the downtrodden. He has touched the lives of people of the state by executing laudable programmes and projects thereby leaving no one in doubt of his commitment to taking the state that prides itself in farming to a safe haven.

In this interview Honourable Tukur Ibrahim Nahuche, chairman, Bungudu Local Government of Zamfara State, speaks on the achievements of Governor Abubakar, especially concerning his projects in Bungudu LG, thereby imploring Zamfara people to vote him for a second term. Excerpt:

What has Governor Abubakar done concerning roads in Bungudu LG?

His Excellency, Alhaji Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar has helped local governments in the state with developmental projects as you can see especially here in Bungudu. The first road awarded was that of Tashar Abu-Kekun Waje to Bingi, it is now under construction, if you are going to Sokoto from Bungudu just a few kilometres, km, away, one will see heavy road equipment working on the road at Tasha Abu Junction. Another road under construction is Lambar Nahuce – Nahuce village along K/Namoda Road. Also the same road links Nahuce to Karakkai-Gama Giwa. He also constructed township roads and 25km roads in all the local governments areas of the state. You can also see the township road which is at Bungudu and Kwatar Kwashi.

An imposing landscape in Kwatar Kwashi Town

An imposing landscape in Kwatar Kwashi Town

What has the LG done to complement the governor’s effort?

On the part of local government council, we try to emulate the executive governor by embarking on construction of mosques. We also contributed to communities whom embark on community development projects. We also assist them in finishing their projects, especially that of mosques, culverts and drainages among others.

Bungudu Local Government Secretariat

Bungudu Local Government Secretariat

What about the education sector?

The governor has either rehabilitated or constructed two new blocks of classrooms in every constituency across the state.

How will you assess Governor Abubakar?

His Excellency is a man of the people; he is workaholic. He works day and night to care for his people.

Dan Sokoto Model Primary School, Bungudu, renovated by Zamfara State Government

Dan Sokoto Model Primary School, Bungudu, renovated by Zamfara State Government

How popular is he among the people for him to be voted into office a second time?

Sure, the people like him; he is doing his best to transform the rural areas. You see our farmers were greatly relieved especially on problems related to transportation and good road network. A farmer in the rural area can conveniently transport his farm produce to his home, market places, or anywhere across the nation. Another interesting episode is the fasting welfare package (annual Ramadan fasting) where he cares much to all. The government gives food items, clothing materials to the people. Fertilizer is also sold at a subsidised rate of N1,000 per bag instead of N5,000 or even more.

What is your advise to the people and the governor?

I am calling upon all the people in the state not only people from Bungudu Local Government. Because God has given him that opportunity to do the work, he has governed the state with the fear of God our prayer for him is that God will reward him abundantly. We will give him all the support he needs – our Governor, Alhaji (Dr.) Abdul’Aziz Yari Abubakar, Shattima Mafara, is a beacon of hope and dignity to Zamfara people, not only developing the grassroots but the whole of Zamfara State entirely.

How would you express your gratitude to the governor?

We thank God and equally thank our governor because God has given him the opportunity to do this work. We pray to God to give him wisdom to be able to accomplish the tasks ahead.

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