Edo Deputy Governor Challenges Sports Administrators on Planning

Edo State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu has called on the National Council on Sports and Sport Federations in the country to ensure timely proposals of events for proper planning, training and sponsorship by private sector.

Shaibu, in a message to the 2020 National Council on Sports, NSC, meeting held in Asaba Delta state, explained that the present practice whereby Sports Federations only give two weeks notice to states does not give time for proper preparations, while the private sector would also not take such games seriously for sponsorship.

Shaibu advised that the sporting bodies should come up with yearly calendar of events for each sport so as to give time for proper training, participation and sponsorship.

He also tasked sports administrators in the country to not only formulate policies but also ensure such policies are implemented with adequate funding from the private sector, insisting sports can greatly reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

The deputy governor also admonished the sports ministry to bring back state league in the country’s football and hand ball administration to strengthen the nation’s football league and generate employment in the sports sector.

Philip Shaibu Photo
Philip Shaibu, Edo State deputy governor
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