Ebola: White House Considering Robots

As the world continues to search for a solution to the current Ebola scourge, the US government is said to be considering the use of robots in tackling the disease.

This is said to be one of the issues in discuss at a meeting in the White House on Friday. The meeting involved three leading US Universities in the field of robotics.

One orbit that is being considered in this respect is the one called, Aero Robot, which was originally designed to take part in a competition held by NASA.

The robot is said to have been working in disaster zones since 2009. It is revealed that the robots can reach remote and dangerous areas and also function where people may not be able to reach.

American scientists are said to be considering existing robots for the Ebola mission because of the huge investment of time and money that would be required to create a new robot for the Ebola Virus.

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