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Ebola: Schools Reopen In Sierra Leone As Threat Declines

Ebola: Schools Reopen In Sierra Leone As Threat Declines

Schools have reopened across Sierra Leone nine months after they were shut down because of the Ebola outbreak. The government said it hopes that the studying time lost by the country’s 1.8 million children can still be made up for. The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, says that the reopening of Sierra Leone’s schools marks


Gambia To Host Conference on Ebola

Gambia is set to host an international conference on Ebola elimination in West Africa from February 26 to 28. The event organized by the Sierra Leone Embassy in Gambia in collaboration with the Gambian Ministry of Health, is aimed at complementing the efforts to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone. Soulay Daramy, Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to

Mali Now Ebola Free – Health Minister

Ousmane Kone, Mali’s health minister says the country is now free of the Ebola virus disease, after 42 days without a new case of the disease. “I declare this day the end of the epidemic of the Ebola virus in Mali,” he said. The last Ebola-infected patient in Mali recovered and left the hospital in

Ebola Drug Trial Begins in Liberia

A clinical drug trial to treat Ebola has started at a Medecins Sans Frontieres centre in Liberia. The antiviral, brincidofovir is being tested on Ebola patients on a voluntary basis. Oxford University scientists leading the research say initial results are expected in the next few months. “It must be stressed that it is not a

Ebola: Willoughby, Sierra Leone’s Foremost Doctor Dies

Victor Willoughby, Sierra Leone’s foremost Ebola physician has been confirmed dead after contracting the deadly infectious disease. Brima Kargbo, Sierra Leone’s chief medical officer said Willoughby died earlier today just a few days after he tested positive for Ebola. The death of Willoughby makes it the 11th doctor in the country to die from the

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