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TELL Cover Page

TELL Cover Page

The aphorism that “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” has never been more apt as that of today’s Nigeria’s leader. President Muhammadu Buhari must have prepared himself for the insults, filth and praises that come with the leadership of today’s Nigeria before he assumed power on May 29. A leader is like a dung heap. He must be expansive to take praises and false accusations alike. But he must receive them with superlative coolness and attention to be able to sort out the dregs and remove the chaff from the grain.

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Recklessness was the name of Nigeria for about 16 years before the change of May 29. Every institution before then was licensed to misbehave and break the law instead of upholding it.

The State Security Service, now illegally called Department of State Security, could not have changed its PDP’s face drastically overnight. It ceased to be a secret service under the PDP and started to contend for power with the police, even in crime detection. This is why it now parades uniformed operatives. How else to be loudly secret? Only the police have the power to prosecute, according to our statute.

There is a grave difference between crime detection and security breaches that amount to intelligence violations. The executive has no power to change the law with a fiat, nor can he amend any article of the constitution. The decree that created the State Security Service which is an organ and part of the Nigerian constitution, has not been amended legally to bear the new name the institution now assumes. Anything done in the name of the DSS is illegal because it is not known to law…

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