Brazil’s Vast Landscape

It is described as the world’s fifth largest country in terms of geographical spread and population, but you probably won’t have an idea how vast Brazil truly is until you undertake a road trip like this reporter did on Friday, June 20, from Sao Paolo to Cuiaba. Initial inquiry gave 18 hours as duration of the journey but that turned out to be false information, as my informant probably hadn’t embarked on such road trip or wasn’t familiar with the terrain. The journey, by Marcopolo Bus, gulped over 30 hours. It was, like a fellow journalist who was on the same bus as I described it, an “endless journey” as 18 hours soon became 20, then 22, 25, 28 until I gave up asking. In fact, we arrived the stadium late that Saturday, while the match was already into the second half, at 63 minutes! About two hours after the end of the match, we set out on the return journey and ended up spending even longer time—well over 30 hours.

So, a journey that started on Friday morning came to an end—to my great relief– on Monday morning. A truly vast land, Brazil! Cuiaba, capital of Mato Grosso, is “situated in the most central part of the South American continent…and is gateway to three of Brazil’s major biomes: the Cerrado, the Pantanal and the Amazon, destinations that attract ecotourism lovers.”

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