APC Now History in Edo State, Says Shaibu, State Deputy Governor

Edo State deputy governor, Philip Shaibu, on Tuesday boasted that victory of the ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP in the September 19, 2020 governorship poll in the state is a done deal. Shaibu, who declared that “APC is now history in Edo State” sued for peace and unity amongst party members in order to be able to achieve their goal.

The deputy governor who spoke through his senior special assistant, Benjamin Atu, assured that he would be available to respond to issues as they arise and provide relevant intervention that would help in moving the State to the next level of peace and security, human capital development, as well as infrastructure development.

According to Atu, “There is need for us to be more united today as a Party than ever before. We must collectively seek peace and unity as the most needed commodity in order to forge a common front.

“Let us together, create a new spirit of unity and trust in order to strengthen our democratic culture which we have collectively embraced. Our collective strength can compensate for our weaknesses. Our collective wisdom can help to minimize our mistakes,” Shaibu declared.

Shaibu declared that, “Victory is now in sight and within our reach as a Party. We must not allow the minority opposition party in the State to poison our minds against ourselves. APC is now history in Edo State and we should ignore all their ongoing antics to create disunity among the PDP family.

“Let us douse the fires of political strife and put aside petty bickering and work together for the common good of our dear state. We cannot achieve our collective goals except we come together as brothers and sisters and enhance cooperation among members from ward level to the local government and state levels.”.

He dismissed allegations by the APC against Ogbeide-Ihama and accused the opposition party of fanning the embers of war and restiveness.

“The financial transaction allegations linking both the incumbent Governor and his personal brother, Hon. Ogbeide-Ihama was a deliberate attempt to create disaffection between the Governor and his brother, Hon. Ihama.

“The allegations of the APC are full of gaping holes both in fact, figures and logic, like all previous baseless allegations. We must quit playing with mundane things in the bid to entrench the ethos of democracy,” the Edo deputy governor cautioned.

Confident of a landslide victory in the Edo State governorship election, Shaibu said the achievement of the Obaseki administration was sufficient to guarantee victory, even if the September election is rescheduled for tomorrow.

“The administration has shown determination to end the culture of government that habitually fails to stimulate investment; fails to provide mass employment for youths; fails to reduce poverty. We have touched the lives of the ordinary people in this state, especially the poor, through one of the most liberal social programmes. We are determined to lift the people and that’s why we have intensified efforts in expanding infrastructure to attract investors and diversify our economy”.

The deputy governor charged party faithful, “Let no man’s heart fail him over the forth-coming September election. It will be the most simple election that PDP has won in the history of Edo State. It’s a done deal. APC is in disarray and are aware of the failure that await them in the main election, that’s why they are engaged in trying to create tension among us in the PDP.”

Shaibu commended the leadership and stakeholders of PDP in the state for their overwhelming support, saying their actions have continued to enjoy global accolade for what has now been described as a rare act and mature politics. He assured them that they had nothing to fear. “Your pride and honour are all intact,” he stated.

“According to him, “We may have lost some ground as a party, but the future is bright for the Edo State PDP. The previous setback is only a blip. If we remain steadfast and loyal in promoting the ideals of the Party, we will collectively record a landslide victory that can’t be questioned or challenged. It behoves on all of us to make this a reality”, Shaibu said.

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Obaseki and Shaibu
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