A New Baby is Born – TELLMini

Hello! It is with great pleasure and honour that I introduce to you the maiden edition of a new addition to the Tell stable – The TELLMini. This magazine is, by all measures and account, a refreshingly different experience from what you are used to in your favourite incisive sister news magazine, TELL.

The copy you are reading right now, at the risk of blowing our own trumpet, is a remarkable initiative and a product of months of brainstorming on how to serve you better. But it’s particularly exciting given a comatose economy that has left many magazines struggling, or extinct. And ever desirous to whet your appetite for great journalism, we have decided to come up with an abridged version of our normal TELL magazine, TELLMini, as the name aptly suggests, at a more pocket-friendly price, and at your fingertips because it comes only in digital form.

The beauty and selling point of TELLMini is its uniqueness in treating serious national issues light-heartedly to bring comic relief to readers amidst stress and anxiety of everyday living. It does not also shy away from delivering the punches when necessary. For teasers, within these pages, we serve you such menu that titillates your news palate. A Twist In The Cow Tale by Wola Adeyemo, executive editor, is as witty as it is illuminating, while The North’s Power Game And South’s Disarray, an incisive informed opinion by the veteran himself, Nosa Igiebor, President/Editor-In-Chief, gives you much to chew and digest. The cover story, CRUSHED BY POVERTY: Nigerians Struggling With Hunger,, anchored by yours sincerely, Adekunbi Ero, executive editor, gives an insight into the coping strategies by Nigerians in the face of runaway inflation which has resulted in an astronomical spike in prices of food items. There are lots more. It’s a real treat.

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