You’re hired Hits the Bookstands

A recruitment manual, entitled You are Hired, has hit the Nigeria bookstands. Authored by Harry Nnoli and recently unveiled to the media, the book gives hints on how job seekers can make themselves employable.

According to Nnoli, “The book is a blend of my personal experience with well-researched work from the best authorities around the world. It shows you how to land the job in addition to how to make the right choice and excel.” Specifically, the handbook gives young professionals strategies as well as tactics for selling themselves to employers and making the best of job interviews. “You’re Hired” provides three key strategies for getting hired, offers tools to identify a candidate’s strongest qualities and provides help in answering interview questions. Additionally, the book includes practice worksheets to help apply the book’s lessons.

According to the author, the book is not all about prospective employees. “I have carefully outlined guides for employers on what to look for in candidates seeking to fill in vacant positions in their establishments,” Nnoli said.

With over 20 years in the business world, Nnoli has made indelible marks in the areas of marketing, sales and business management. In addition to being the managing director at Transaction Payment Solutions, he is an acclaimed management consultant, business philosopher and motivational speaker.
He has a vast following on his motivational series ‘Positive Difference’ on radio, which many listeners in Nigeria look forward to regularly. The book, which comes in paper and hardcover, is available in e-book format to meet the yearnings of internet-inclined and trendy readers.

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