TradeViz Launched

BudgIT, an infotech company, has launched TradeViz, an advisory and data portal that is set to help importers, exporters and prospective investors simplify their trade for Nigeria.

With support from the Department for International Development, DFID, TradeViz is also expected to give expert advice on import,

export and also how to register a business.

According to Abiola Afolabi, project manager, TradeViz will provide simplified access to factors such as tariffs, business registration

process, steps to trade, and prohibition lists. It will also allow users to know which item to import or export from Nigeria.

In addition, the portal will make citizens to be familiar with government policies and how it directly affects local consumption or production by simply raising or reducing


According to Afolabi, “this platform is aimed at promoting investments in Nigeria, encourage youth participation in the field and to make trade in Nigeria easy,” adding that “We believe that Nigeria is the next big story for investment and we

need to simplify this process to prospective investors and also supply relevant data and information that can be of guide”.

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