South Africa Plans Mandela Remembrance

Plans are underway to mark the first remembrance anniversary of late Nelson Mandela, former South African president and apartheid leader with 6 minutes and 7 seconds of noise and silence, Nelson Mandela Foundation, NMF has announced.

According to a statement released on Saturday by the Foundation, the event to mark the one year remembrance of the statesman and Nobel peace prize winner will be led by Cyril Ramaphosa, the country’s Deputy President.

The statement stated that the event would commence on Friday, December 5 with three minutes and seven seconds of noise using bells, siren, vuvuzelas and loud hailers instruments. This would then be followed by three minutes of silence.

“The time lapse from the ringing of the bells to the end of the moment of silence is six minutes, seven seconds and is symbolic of the 67 years Madiba spent in the service of humanity,” the statement read.

The Foundation therefore urged schools, community centres, places of worship, and individuals to take part in the significant commemoration.

By the Foundation’s plan, the event will begin at 0756 GMT and end at 0803 GMT. It was also gathered that interfaith prayer service and laying of wreath by veterans from the country’s struggle against apartheid would be held in Pretoria, the country’s capital among other events.

The Father of apartheid struggle as he was fondly called, Mandela, died last year, aged 95, after a protracted illness in a South African hospital.

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