London Airspace Reopens with Restrictions

The London airspace which was closed earlier in the day due to a computer failure, has been reopened with some restrictions.

This development was announced in a message released by Eurocontrol, the UK’s flight safety agency.

Announcing the closure of the airspace earlier in the day, Eurocontrol said, “There has been a failure of the flight data computer server at the London area control centre, ACC, engineers are working on the problem and more information will be given when available.”

NATS, the UK air traffic controller, also confirmed a “technical problem” in a statement, at its Swanwick control centre in Hampshire.

Chris Yates, an aviation expert while speaking on the issue said, “There is a major failure at the London Air Traffic Control Centre, based in Hampshire, and we still don’t know the reason for that failure.”

Reports from different airports in London have it that while the shutdown lasted, incoming flights were allowed to land while all departing flights were grounded.

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