Female Speaker Stripped Over Mace Fight

The leader of the Legislative Assembly of Etche Local Government in Rivers State, Cynthia Nwala, was on Tuesday stripped bare during a fight over the mace of the legislative assembly.

The leader, a lady was said to be taking away the mace of the legislative assembly when she was confronted by the chief security officer to the Chairman of the local government, Obinna Anyanwu.

During the struggle, Nwala had her dress town in front, exposing her bosom and bust. The windscreens and windows of her car where she allegedly put the mace were smashed.

The chairman of the local government, Anyanwu had reportedly said it was a case of public affray that had nothing to do with the council.

Speculations had it that the chairman and the leader had fallen out and the chairman wanted to remove her from office through an impeachment process by his loyalists in the legislative assembly.

It was to frustrate the impeachment that the leader allegedly decided to take the mace away.

Some mischief makers have insinuated that the leader, who is not from Etche but married to an Etche was being witch-hunted because of her ethnicity. She is Ikwerre.

Cythia Nwala Photo
Cythia Nwala, The leader of the Legislative Assembly of Etche Local Government in Rivers State

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