EU Commission seeks solutions to Migration crisis

The current migrant crisis rocking Europe has assumed another dimension, as Hungarian government has stopped migrants headed for Germany and other European countries from proceeding in their journey. Instead, the government camped them at Budapest’s Keleti train station, where they had purchased tickets to continue with their journey.

EUThis development has led to a wave of protest, which started on Monday and continued on Tuesday, by hundreds of migrants who are among the 2000 migrants camped at the station.

But it is not only Hungary that is containing the surge of migrants in Europe. More than 4,000 migrants reportedly arrived in mainland Greece from the island of Lesbos overnight. This daily influx of migrants is certainly giving the EU some sleepless nights.

In the meantime, the EU is trying to come up with a common policy across member states that would help them in tackling migrant crisis. To start with, the EU Commission is currently making efforts to draw up a list of safe countries of origin so that migrants who have failed in their asylum application could be sent back there.

The Commission’s spokesperson also said on Tuesday that the commission was preparing proposals for a mechanism to automatically redistribute a proportion of asylum seekers among EU states. Such redistribution may not affect Italy and Greece as the two countries have complained that they were already overwhelmed by the large number of migrants arriving on their shores daily.


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