Coffee Makes You Immortal?

Black, creamy, or with sugar? There is no mistaking the coffee when it is guest at your table. But it is even likely that you will fall in love with your coffee all over again to learn that coffee can add years to your life. That is the verdict from a recent study that will gladden the hearts of coffee lovers.

In 1995, researchers engaged 400,000 volunteers between ages 50-71. The volunteers had no major disease that could jeopardise the substance of the study. But by 2008, some 13 years after the start of the study, 50,000 of the volunteers have kissed the dust. A further research shows that men who drank two or three cups of coffee every day were 10 per cent likely to have died than those who did not drink coffee. The news is even better for women who are hooked on coffee. Women who take two cups are 13 per cent less likely to die than women who abhor coffee.


But the strongest impact is the effect on women who drank at least four cups of coffee per day. They have a 16 per cent lower risk of dying. Some other studies have also shown that coffee lovers are less likely to die from stroke, diabetes, infections or respiratory disease.


Speaking about the study, Neal Freedman, lead researcher who works with the American National Cancer Institute, said drinking coffee could add a small length to life. “ There may actually be a modest benefit of coffee drinking,’’ he said.

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