Bras Marine and Yachts Services Begins Boat Exhibition

Bras-1Bras Marine and Yachts Services, on Friday, May 15, commissioned the first boat and yachts exhibition in Nigeria, in Lagos.

Yomi Sonuga, chairman of the company, explained that the initiative is to change the perception of Nigerians that boats and yachts are meant for top business executives alone.

Sonuga disclosed that his company has signed a partnership deal with Sea Ray Marine, an American based boat and yachts manufacturer, to ensure its clients have access to top class after sales services and genuine spare parts.

“We are determined to ease the pains of transportation in Lagos and across the country especially for people living and working around waters. We also lease to individuals for celebration and patrol boats for security agencies,” he said.

Some of the boat displayed in the exhibition are Sundeck 240, a 24-feet boat that costs about $111,000 with a convenience and 10 people capacity; Sundeck 270, a 27-feet boat that costs about $134,000 with 20 people on board, a bed and storage compartments; Sundancer 310, a 31-feet boat that cost $200,000 with a cabin, 2 refrigerators, kitchenette and Sea Ray Venture 370, a 37-feet boat that costs $400,000 with 2 kitchen, bedroom, dinning set and accomodates about 25 people.

Bras Marine and Yacht services, which is a subsidiary of Bras Ventures, provides full time after sales services and maintenance support for boat and cruisers.

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