Banks Shut Over Security Threats in Imo

Bank in Okigwe town, Imo State have been shut for the past two weeks due to threats of imminent raid from criminals.

It was reported that after soldiers who were drafted to the town at the height of kidnapping and insecurity about four years ago were withdrawn, security situation in the town became an issue of public concern.

A resident of the community said all banks in Okigwe had remained closed from about two weeks ago when soldiers were withdrawn from the town.

He said that banks in the area alleged that they got letters from robbers that they would soon visit them to pick their Christmas gifts.

The rumor, according to the resident who pleaded anonymity, caused panic among banks operating in the area as they quickly shut their doors against all visitors.

This development is said to have forced bank customers to either go to Owerri or Umuahia for bank transactions.

Another resident said that people in the town have been living in fear since soldiers were withdrawn and pleaded with government to come to their rescue.

He said security situation in the town was increasingly becoming frenzy following rumors of imminent attack by robbers.

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