ANC Leadership Will Not Be Changed – Radebe

The ruling party in South African, African National Congress, ANC, will not discuss a change in its leadership at its National General Council, NGC, next year, Jeff Radebe, the party’s head of policy said on Monday.

Speaking to journalists in Johannesburg, he said “the NGC cannot change a national conference decision, it can only review. The NGC operates under rule 10.6; It can alter and review decisions of all bodies but, for the national conference.”

According to rule 10 in the ANC’s constitution, the NGC shall “have the right to ratify, alter or rescind any decision taken by any of the constituent bodies, units or officials of the ANC, except the national conference, including the evaluation of the performance of members of the NEC”.

Radebe who said corruption claims were damaging the ANC’s integrity hinted that the leadership of the party would be reviewed. The NGC would look at the performance of its national executive committee members and allow the party to review its policies. The ANC will hold its NGC in June next year.


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