After 16 Years In Office Blatter Seeks Reelection

Sepp Blatter, president of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, FIFA, has confirmed he would seek re-election for another term into the highest office in the World’s football governing body.

Blatter, who has spent four terms of four years each at the helms of affairs of FIFA, made his intention known in an interview with Soccerex Conference in Manchester.

While stating that his mission at FIFA was not finished, Blatter said his ambition has been fueled by the support from national football associations.

“You see a mission is never finished. And my mission is not finished. I got through the last congress in Sao Paulo not only the impression but the support of the majority, a huge majority of national associations asking ‘Please go on, be our president also in future,” Blatter said.

He is expected to make an official announcement at FIFA’s executive committee meeting which comes up at the end of the month.

Although Blatter expects a keen competition from other contestants, he does not foresee a fierce competition as Michel Platini, UEFA president, has said he would not be contesting with Blatter in the forthcoming election.

“I was not surprised because in private conversations I have had with Michel Platini before, during and after the World Cup he has confirmed he would not be a candidate; but [he told me] there will be someone who will be your contender who will be contesting with you,” Blatter added.

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