Truss Becomes Shortest Ruling British Prime Minister

Liz Truss, the woman who emerged as the third British Prime Minister in history has resigned.

She resigned on Wednesday after the cabinet she put together fell like a pack of cards and she was reduced to a redundant leader. She is leaving after 45 days in office.

Truss had sacked Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor of Exchequer, first black immigrant to hold that office, apparently to give the impression that the former chancellor is to blame for the roundly condemned ‘mini budget’ of September.

The budget announced by Kwarteng is believed to have been generally agreed to at the cabinet meeting. So, the people were not fooled when the Prime Minister held out as if the fault was that of the chancellor. The former chancellor was merely a fall guy. But after the budget of 45 billion pounds, which failed to fund the tax cuts, caused the British currency to slump and the cost of the new government went up, Jeremy Hunt, the man who contested office with Truss and who she appointed to take over Kwarteng’s job, decided to champion a new policy aimed at saving the government. Hunt went on the floor of the parliament and practically rubbished the prime minister’s economic policy. He announced the scrapping of almost all the tax cuts and rolled back Truss’ scheme.

Economy has been at the root of the unstable politics of Britain of recent, and it was the reason the former prime minister, Boris Johnson lost his job. Though she was one of those who stood by her predecessor, Truss benefitted from that fall from power by becoming the third female leader in the country after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May. But she did not appear to have the staying power that particularly someone like Thatcher had. Aside from the rejected economic plan, Sueila Braverman, her Home Secretary resigned after admitting that she made a mistake by sending an official matter using her private e-mail address.

It could be said that the only successful major assignment performed in office by Truss was the burial of Queen Elizabeth II. She did not even wait to preside over the coronation of King Charles III.

Now her resignation has sparked off debate for another general election. That is an expression of fears that the Tories are incapable of managing the economy of the United Kingdom.

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