SAP: Largade Must Apologise

TELL Cover Page

TELL Cover Page

They could not have been our new friends from Washington. Did Christine Largade, the mortician, come with a bell to conduct Nigeria’s final economic funeral rite?

What hog wash was she uttering when the Breton Wood syndicate, in most of the last 29 years, supervised the destruction of what took our nationalists tears, sweat and blood to build in Nigeria? The World Bank and IMF set Nigeria on a collision course with destruction and reduced her to a paperweight. They disorganised our social cohesion.

Ibrahim Babangida did not give them office in the Central Bank but Olu Falae and company were enough influence to execute the demolition plot cooked in Washington.

They bludgeoned our naira, our marketing boards, our farms and our manufacturing plants. They upturned our social equilibrium. Babangida saw through them mid-stream and changed direction. Things picked up a little to their chagrin, which caused an American ambassador to Nigeria in reaction openly to denounce the change. Sani Abacha arrived on the scene and called their bluff, backed by Sam Aluko.

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Then Abdulsalami Abubakar and his cohorts, including Nasir el Rufai, brought them back and opened desks for them in the Presidency and Central Bank to oversee the systematic decapitation of Nigeria as an economic force.

Olusegun Obansanjo gladly followed suit and in obedience to the Washington syndicate pawned or auctioned Nigeria’s assets amid an overflowing oil boom, which put in the hands of government incredible wealth that could have been used to fix Nigeria. He gave them desks in the Presidency and Central Bank to liquidate Nigeria.

Goodluck Jonathan joined the chorus to welcome back the Washington syndicate and returned one of their kind to co-ordinate the economy to the detriment of Nigerians.

I know more than Largade about what Nigeria needs and the solution. She was repeating most of the things I have written as advice to President Muhammadu Buhari without taking responsibility for the collapse of the Nigerian economy.

Nigeria diversified over a quarter of a century before the syndicate arrived to upset the apple cart. What is new in what she said that should warrant any recognition of her visit to Nigeria?

Buhari is becoming too humble for comfort. All these callers should be received by the so-called economic team or at the highest, Vice President Osinbanjo. Must we show other countries our war plan? Our economic plan is a war plan which must be vigorously prosecuted, to be known only to the field marshal and brass hats; not outsiders.

The syndicate’s Structural Adjustment Programme, SAP, made Nigeria a dependency of Breton Wood. The people have cut that knot that binds this country to them since last March 28.

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