Recession: The Way Out

Pulling Through Recession

 The government is under pressure to take the country out of recession and save Nigerians from the biting effects of the sliding economy and the decline in the standard of living.

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Tell Cover Page

For a few minutes, she was shell-shocked. Staring at the little lad about eight years old, she did not even notice that tears were dropping from her eyes. It took the intervention of a fellow trader, calling attention to her teary eyes before she regained her composure. For Evelyn Nze, a petty trader, the reality of what many Nigerians are going through is just standing in front of her. The lad had come to purchase biscuits worth N50. And because she noticed that it was the third time that week that the young boy had been buying the biscuits, and at the same time, she was curious. When she asked the boy why she got a shocker. “He told me that that is what they- his two siblings and himself have been eating for lunch, for sometime now. After buying the biscuits, they will then soak it in water for some minutes, and that serves as their meal, until dinner time when they will be privileged to eat whatever else is available,” Nze narrated her experience. According to her, aside from feeling pity for the young boy and his family, she imagined how such little quantity of biscuits, would heal the pangs of hunger of three growing children. As pathetic as the story of the small boy is there are a number of people who, though appear well off, also use this model to drive hunger. The difference is that some of those people have the option of adding milk to the biscuit. But what they have in common is that they undertake the exercise as a means of battling hunger…

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