Obama vows to Support Democracy, Condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine

Barack Obama, United States President has pledged to uphold the United States’ longtime commitment to the defense of Eastern Europe against new threats.

The American President disclosed this in a speech he gave at the celebration of 25 years of democracy in Poland.

Speaking at the “Freedom Day” event in a historic square by the Polish Royal Castle, Obama said he would use the full might of the American Armed Forces to protect Poland and other Eastern European allies and called out Russia as a threat to regional security and democracy.

“Throughout history, the Polish people were abandoned by friends when they needed them most. I have come to Warsaw today on behalf of the United States, the NATO Alliance, to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to Poland’s security.”

“Our free nations will stand united so that further Russian provocations will only mean more isolation and costs for Russia, so we refuse to allow the dark tactics of the 20th century to define the 21st,” Obama said.

Speaking in the same vein, Obama also condemned Russian aggressionin Ukraine. The US president said that Poland’s long struggle against occupation and tyranny was mirrored in the plight of Ukraine today.

“We will not accept Russia’s occupation of Crimea or its violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty,” Obama said.

“As we’ve been reminded by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, our free nations cannot be complacent in pursuit of the vision we share – a Europe that is whole and free and at peace,” he added.




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