Nigeria Police: Overwhelmed And Failing.

TELL Cover page

TELL Cover page

As the economy worsens in most parts of Africa, thousands of Africans, Nigerians inclusive, are voting with their feet to other countries where they believe they can escape the ugly spectre of poverty, want, conflicts and wars, all of which make Africa a miserable place to live in.

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Unlike the situation before independence  – from their colonial masters in the twentieth century  – when Africans were looking for the Golden Fleece in the form of good education in foreign lands, the contrary is the case now as millions of Africans in the Diaspora, stay put in their host countries to eke out a living by doing menial jobs.

A good number of these migrants smuggle themselves into foreign countries of their choice by daring all odds including death. Some people call this modern slavery that exposes its victims to hardship, discrimination, exploitation and culture shock.

For months, Anthony Akaeze, associate editor, was on the trail of these victims of circumstance many of whom have not performed badly in their new homes, some even managing to send to their abandoned families in Africa, funds for food and development. Akaeze vividly captured the story, Africans: The Bitter – Sweet Experiences.

With many Africans sweating it out in other lands, the police in Nigeria are encountering the same experience here in Nigeria. Still claiming to be friends of all Nigerians, the police are finding it difficult to purge themselves of corruption, inefficiency and impunity in a country that is plagued by insurgency, kidnapping, vandalisation of oil pipelines, armed robberies and all kinds of criminal activities. Another Anthony, this time Tony Manuaka, senior associate editor, took some time to look critically at the Nigerian police and their challenges. What he found, with the cooperation of many of the policemen, is mind-boggling. The story, which is the cover of this edition is titled, Nigeria Police: Overwhelmed And Failing.

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