Man To Seek Police Permit For Sex

Man To Seek Police Permit For SexAn unnamed man in North Yorkshire, UK has been ordered to give at least 24 hours notice to the police before he could engage in any sexual activity. A magistrate court in York ruled that the man in question should also give details of his partner with who he was supposed to have the affair. In the event that he is discovered to have flouted the order, the man may end up in prison for a period of five years.
The ruling is an extension of an interim sexual risk order imposed on the man who though was cleared of rape last year still had to be kept under watch by the authorities. The man who is in his 40s had claimed that the woman he was accused of raping actually granted consent. So the magistrate gave an interim sexual restriction order, which has now been extended.
In the ruling, he is expected to give details, including name, address, and date of birth of the intending partner to the police. What that means is that the police would then check to confirm that the female partner has given consent. The restriction will last, in the interim, till the month of May, when the court will review his case that has been on since last year to determine if he could be trusted to live his life on self-discipline.
While the interim order is on, the man would apparently be kept under surveillance even in his privacy. This is so that the police can enforce another part of the court order, which also restricts his use of the internet and mobile phone devices. Now, were he to decide to change address, he must inform the police adequately. What that means is that for this man, who apparently is considered a risk to women folk, there is no hiding place. At least not until May, if he gets relief from the law.
Should the court not be satisfied that the man has learnt to be well behaved, it would issue a full order, for a minimum of two years, or wait for this; a life time.
Do you consider the court ruling arbitrary? We affirm that it is within the law of the area where this man is accused of incontinence.
The court order is backed by the sexual risk order introduced in England and Wales last year March, to keep in check anyone the police believe poses a risk of a sexual arm.


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