Maitama Sule Is Dead

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Maitama Sule Photo

Maitama Sule

Elder statesman Maitama Sule is dead. He died this morning (July 3, 2017) in a hospital in  Egypt. A former diplomat and federal commissioner (minister), Sule was a highly respected Nigerian, known for his candid views.
An orator, the politician who was an indigene of Kano was one of the political giants of the first Republic who also played a major role during the second republic. After losing the presidential ticket to President Shehu Shagari of his National Party of Nigeria, NPN, he was appointed by Shagari as Nigeria’s representative to the United Nations in 1979, when the president took office. He later got the portfolio of the Minister for National Guidance before that government was toppled in 1983.
Though perhaps for reasons of age and personal conviction, Sule did not participate fully in the current political dispensation, he nevertheless was an asset to a number of young politicians now in office at different levels.

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