Idris Slams Tuface, Calls Him Double Face


All is obviously not well with the former Plantashun Boiz, a musical group involving Faze, Blackface, and Tuface. Blackface is known in the past to have accused Tuface of song theft.  In a recent podcast, Blackface said Tuface’s musical career, had been on a downhill since the break-up of the palntashun Boiz. He said: “He is just that kind of artist. If you check his music right now, you can see the difference. You can’t compare his music right now to Plantashun Boiz music. It’s nowhere close. Melody wise, music wise, sound wise, he is nowhere close.” 

Perhaps taking a cue from Blackface, Eedris, who’s a friend of Blackface, also made some unflattering remarks about Tuface. In a TV interview, Eedris, speaking in pidgin, accused Tuface of neglecting his friend, Blackface.You are my friend but I no send you because your name na 2face that means your life is two, one here and there. I don already know u tey tey that’s how fake u are. You are two person. But that your friend will have problem and you will not forget about what he has done to you and see it from the aspect that God is trying use u and see whatz up with you. Show your brother love he needs you because na blackface bring you, na him form the Plantashun Boyz. Na blackface na him write most of the songs.”

Reacting to the claims, Tuface replied via his twitter page @official2baba

“Dear blackface and idris. as na una sabi music pass make una do the music and stop talking nonsense all the time. I’m 2 busy so this is the only advice and response u’re gonna get from me. una fit resume una nonsense rants”


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