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What Does a Woman Want?

What Does a Woman Want?

  Once again VoxPopilogue goes haywire! This week’s interactive edition goes international and focuses on what veterans have to say about love and marriage. From Al Gore to George Bush to Barrack Obama and back to Socrates it’s love wantintin (love galore). The fishers of love talk about their experience in and out of love.

Cuba Applauds Removal from Terror List

Cuban officials and ordinary citizens alike have applauded the removal of the country from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism, saying the move by President Barack Obama heals a decades-old insult to national pride and clears the way to swiftly restore diplomatic relations between the two countries. “The Cuban government recognizes the president

Clark Protests U.S Commendation For Jega

Edwin Clark, a former Federal Commissioner for Information during the First Republic and South-South leader has condemned the award of commendation given to Attahiru Jega, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC by the U.S. Clark said the commendation was coming too soon and hasty since the Governorship and state Houses of Assembly elections

Obama Seeks ‘War Power’ Resolution on ISIS

The United States President, Barack Obama, is seeking to use ‘War Power Force’ to fight the Islamic State group. Obama sent a draft seeking authorisation to formally use military force against the terror group to the U.S Congress. The resolution would not restrict where U.S forces could pursue IS, but bans “enduring offensive combat operations.”Obama

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