Fuel Scarcity: Ekiti Shuts Five Petrol Stations

For allegations ranging from hoarding petrol to selling above stipulated pump price of N87 per litre, the Ekiti State Petroleum Consumers Protection Agency has shut five petrol stations indefinitely.

Adeyemi Adebayo, Chairman of the Agency, disclosed this on Monday after monitoring sale of the commodity in Ado Ekiti noting that his men caught the affected stations in the act.

Adebayo said men of the agency were acting on a tip-off that some of the stations were selling between N100 and N120 per litre as against the N87 approved price.

The affected filling stations include Prosperous filling station in Isan-Ekiti; Iropora filling station, Iropora-Ekiti; Ferbason filling station, Ado-Ekiti; MNPC, Ado-Ekiti and Montel filling station also in Ado-Ekiti.

Adebayo, who expressed regrets that some petrol dealers were making life difficult for people at a time when government was trying to make things easy for them, said each of the affected stations would pay a penalty of N500,000 to deter others.

He added that the stations would not be re-opened until they reverse to the normal price and stop further hoarding of the product

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