Constituency Projects In Wrong Address?

Constituency Projects In Wrong Address?

Femi Fakeye is a member of the Federal House of Representatives. He represents Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila federal constituency in Osun State, and he is in his second term at the National Assembly in Abuja. Perhaps when his length of time there is considered, he could pass for an experienced legislator, who knows what it means to execute a constituency project and how to determine the boundary of such.



But either he has forgotten what determines a constituency project and its site or somebody somewhere misrepresented the facts for him. What we found was that a “constituency project” being prosecuted by Honourable Fakeye for Boluwaduro/Ifedayo/Ila federal constituency finds its way to another constituency altogether. If this reporter is mistaken, then Fakeye or his aide caused the problem.Constituency Projects Photo

What we found was that the project and the billboards show that it is for his federal constituency, but they are actually in Osogbo, the state capital. The projects are being prosecuted at Oke-Oni-Tea area of Osogbo, a town that also has a federal legislator, who could provide this service if needed.

Curiously, sources say Fakeye has his private property at the said Oke-Oni-Tea area.

Perhaps the legislator assumed that since he has a property in the area, the place automatically becomes part of his constituency. Maybe in some ‘Act of Parliament’, the legislator determines where his project could be sited, irrespective of geography. In which case, were he to have a property in far away Lagos State or outside the country, he could choose to take his ‘constituency project’ close to the property. One thing is however certain, if the legislator was asked to provide proof of implementation of his constituency projects, he would have no problem providing photographs. Problem is that his colleagues in Abuja, or those who do not know the distance of his real constituency from the project site will believe him. But we still want to assume that there was a mistake somewhere.

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