‘Christians should stop condemning Muslims’ – Mogaji

Abubakar Mogaji, a cleric at Morkaz Arabic School, Agege, Lagos, has urged Christians to stop blackmailing Muslims.

He said this in an exclusive interview with TELL at the school premises on August 26.

Mogaji laments what he described as how some Christians condemn Muslims, which he said, is not a good thing to do.

“We Muslims refer to Christians as our partners and in the Quran there are some verses that mentioned Isa which refers to Jesus in Christianity and his families. So we regard Christianity as our partner,” he said.

Mogaji said “Both Muslims and Christians should not see themselves as contenders but they should appreciate one another as it was in the past.”

He explained that politics and religion are two different things, which can’t be married. “Religion is different from politics and it is impossible to centralize politics on religion. Politics is a field of contest that can’t be determined by religion,” he added.

However, he said religion has a role to play in politics through prayers and politicians acting according to what their religion teaches.

Supporting this, Qamarudeen Adeniyi, Librarian at the Lagos State secretariat mosque, Alausa, said if politicians follow what their religion teaches them, there wont be problem in Nigeria.

“If politicians follow the teachings of their religion; there won’t be embezzlements of funds, corruption and other problems in the country. Most of our leaders tend to forget what their religion teaches when they are in politics” he said.

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