The ‘Change’ in Ekiti

By Olugbenga Olayiwola – Igbo-Ora, Oyo State Constituency.



It is very unfortunate that (some) Nigerians are still very much gullible about “stomach infrastructure” even as we castigated and criticised the successive administrations in the country for not providing enduring and lasting infrastructural amenities such as good roads, pipe-borne water, functional hospitals, quality and qualitative education, security of lives and property, human capital development, modernised agriculture among others, which form the basis for economic growth and human development in a sane society. All these are now being replicated in some All Progressives Congress, APC, controlled states.

The level of poverty and squalor in the country has blindfolded many Nigerians and befuddled their sense of reasoning. One major function of wisdom is to distinguish between evil and what is good. It is very amazing that Ekiti people that pride themselves as “Fountain of Knowledge” could cave in to the lure of snacks and peanuts thereby compromising their political destiny. The winner of June 21, 2014 governorship election in Ekiti State understudied the people of his state and cashed-in on their gullibility to get what he wanted. Nigerians cannot forget in a hurry the famous directive from President Goodluck Jonathan that Peoples Democratic Party governors should go and learn good governance from Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola as a result of his brilliant performances in office instead of junketing round the world.

The alleged abrasive tendencies of APC are a sine qua non in wrestling power from the ruling party. Or for how long shall we continue to be in the bondage of the “devil” all in the name of governance? For the APC folk, the means must justify the end. This country needs surgical operations to be handled by political experts. Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.

A society that re-elected a former governor that was impeached from office in controversial circumstances eight years ago ranging from alleged gross mismanagement of the state’s resources, recklessness/impunity and misrule is in for a rude shock!


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