Bobbi Kristina’s Family To Decide On Her Life Support Soon

Closest relatives of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobby Kristina Brown, will gather this week to make a final decision regarding her medical condition.

Kristina had been brain dead since her tragic drowning in January, and her grandmother Cissy Houston has arrived in Atlanta to attend the family meeting, where the final decision will allegedly be left to her father, Bobby Brown.

Despite the fact that medical professionals at the Georgia hospital where she is being treated have informed her father, Bobby Brown, that the odds of his daughter waking up are slim-to-none and her health is only deteriorating, he is still hoping for a miracle and refuses to remove her from life-support.

Although Bobby Brown is still in denial, his daughter’s family from her mother’s side, Pat Houston and Cissy Houston, are said to be pressuring him to say goodbye to his daughter and remove the life-support machines in order to allow her pass away peacefully .

Neurologist Dr. Michael De Georgia says “six weeks is unusually a long time for a brain injury patient like Bobbi to keep sedated in an ICU intensive care unit,” but doctors usually will leave the final decision to the family.

De Georgia said, “Patients’ families can decide if they want to push forward with continued medical treatments, even if their loved one is in a devastated situation and have little hope for survival, we usually abide by the family’s wishes, unless they decide that the patient is brain dead and that they have no brain function. But if you think they’re going to do well, you push forward. You take steps to get them to the nursing home or rehab.”

He added that, “If you think they’re not going to get any better and that their quality of life is so bad that they would never want that, then you have a discussion with the family.”

Sources say “the Brown family and the Houston family have been divided about what course to follow.”

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