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Challenges and Opportunities for Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century

Challenges and Opportunities for Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century

Whilst environmental considerations must reflect in economic and development decisions, consecutively environmental decisions must be part of socio-economic development. Several months ago a learned friend residing in Nigeria expressed concerns over the quality of education and curriculum in the country. He made further reference to students in tertiary institutions receiving mainly theoretical knowledge with no

A Polluted Lagoon in Accra, Ghana Photo

Plastics Recovery in Open Waters

Could a rethink of basic assumptions turn challenges into opportunities or sources of competitive advantage? One striking feature of the global drive toward sustainable development is the extent to which the agenda has evolved since the 1992 ‘Earth Summit’ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today, eco-efficiency is central. Worldwide, governments and the private sector are

Urban Mobility: Elektroroller To The Rescue

A revolutionary mode of mobility is gaining acceptance across many German cities. The Elektroroller is environment-friendly; requires no fuel, no pollution, or emissions. It is silent and can attain speeds up to 32 Km/h By nature Germans are pragmatic. After a long political debate, in Germany Elektrorollers have finally been granted road approval. With the legal requirements met and rules now fixed, regular car drivers can

Earth's climate system interaction of its components. Source: ResearchGate.

Climate Change: Heated Debates and Cold Facts

In 2018 whilst Ghanaian farmers lamented over inadequate rainfall, European weather stations recorded unusually high temperatures. In the same year, although Ghana experienced relatively mild temperatures, there were reports of casualties in the EU – notably the elderly who died from or succumbed to a heatwave. This year, EU weather stations again record sizzling temperatures.

What Manner of Gathering is Kirchentag?

Is it a church, or a movement? Whatever views are held over the Kirchentag, unequivocally it has helped to promote environmental and social change in Germany, and beyond Kirchentag is a biennial event hosted in early summer. Kirchen and tag are two German words, which when combined translate literally to Churches Day in the English language. From 19-23 June 2019, the city of Dortmund hosted more than 200,000 visitors from about 100 countries attending the 37th

Nigeria in the Security Vortex

Aimed at capturing the identity of mobile phone subscribers for identity and security management, the Subscriber Identity Module, SIM, registration initiative by the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, came into effect on 28 March 2011. The initiative sought to track and curb criminal use of telephones in the country and aid the establishment of a central database of SIM card subscribers, which could also be used to streamline the National Identity Database, NIDB.

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Empowerment Through Social Change

Social change alters the social order of a society, changes in institutions, behaviours or relations. Recently I visited my local supermarket to purchase a few items. One would think rice is rice and potatoes are potatoes, but it is not so. Having spent several minutes reading the contents listed on the packaging of the items

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