Anambra Election is a Dance of Shame – IYM

The Founder of Igbo Youth Movement, Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko, says the wide celebration of the recent governorship election in Anambra State is “a dance of shame.”

Ugochukwu-Uko, who is also the Secretary of the Eastern Consultative Assembly, in a statement issued on Thursday in Enugu said that the election failed to meet required standards and should be rejected for that reason.

In the statement, which was titled. “Anambra Election: Let the Truth Be Told,” IYM leader said rather than admit the failure of the election, the presidency, political leaders and the winner of the election “seem willing to condone the macabre dance of shame.”

He said those celebrating the election were doing so for two reasons.

“One, they are desperate to prove that the IPOB did not paralyze the elections through their boycott and secondly the plot was designed to humiliate the former ruling party in the South East, it’s citadel of support, thereby preparing the ground for the horror that would be 2019 elections.”

He warned that Nigeria will pay dearly for the falsity of the election. “Nigeria will pay a heavy price for her love of falsehood over truth. It is disturbing that purveyors of this propaganda do not know that they are only making it difficult for citizens to believe in Nigeria anymore. It is unbelievable that those who should speak up are silent,” he lamented.

Ugochukwu-Uko stated considering the admission of INEC that only 25 percent (and 10 percent according to observers)of voters participated in the election and that cash was traded for voters, the election ought to have been canceled.

“The repulsive cash payments made openly by two political parties at the polling booth is enough to cancel the election and a re-run ordered. The sickening applause of praise singers and other cheerleaders who are actually celebrating the false narrative that the 18th November elections were free and fair, is the beginning of the death of Nigeria.

“Whereas the government, in its desperation to prove that the elections boycott was ineffective and therefore willing to let the charade stand as valid, observers have noted that every contestant will definitely move in bullion vans to each both for cash payments to induce voters in 2019,” he added.

He said if the federal government should prove that it did not condone the cash for vote incidents in Anambra by investigating t and bringing the culprits to book.

“As we accept this horrifying anomaly as valid and commendable elections, we are only preparing the death of Nigeria. As we pretend that the election boycott of 18 November 2017 in Anambra is insignificant, we are only warming up to make 2019 election not only laughable but impossible.

“Nigeria has begun to die before our very eyes. Truth is buried and falsehood celebrated. As a very sick country, with boiling flashpoints in the North-East and Southeast, prefers to dwell in falsehood built not only on a false unitary structure but now also on a laughable and frightening electoral culture, it is clear to all that the very survival of Nigeria has become doubtful. Let the truth be told, celebrating the Anambra sham elections of 18th November 2017 will obviously kill Nigeria,” Ugochukwu-Uko said.

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