14 killed as Rebels shoot down Ukraine Helicopter

Not less than 14 Ukraine Army officials including a general were murdered on Thursday when Pro-Russian separatists shot down the country’s army helicopter, report says.

This came four days after the country concluded its presidential election.

The helicopter was said to be carrying supplies in eastern Ukraine when it was brought down by anti-aircraft fire from near the town of Slaviansk, which has been under the control of separatists since early last month.

Oleksander Turchinov, acting president who told the parliament of the attack said, “I have just received information that terrorists using Russian anti-aircraft missiles shot down our helicopter near Slaviansk. It had been ferrying servicemen for a change of duty,” Turchinov told parliament.

Militants in the rebel’s stronghold have claimed responsibility for puling down the helicopter, Vyacheslav Ponomarev spokesman for the militants said.

The helicopter was brought down using a Russian rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

Ponomarev also said that pro-Russia separatist militants are holding four European observers who have been declared missing since this week Monday.

“Our militants got them,” Ponomarev said. “They were detained because they didn’t respect my request. I asked them not to leave Donetsk (city). They decided they were smarter and could come here,” Ponomarev added.


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