Youth Should Avoid Political Violence – Nwokeforo


Rev. Fr. Joseph Ozoh (middle) cutting the anniversary cake

Ozoh Joseph Nwokeforo, Priest of Our Lady of The Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Ogba, Lagos has called on youths to be wise and not indulge in political violence as the 2015 election draws near.

He said they should be very careful and not to be manipulated by any politician.

“First of all I pray that we experience a peaceful election in Nigeria come 2015. We pray that it’s peaceful. The youth, I encourage them to be very careful and not to be manipulated by any political juggernaut out there. They should be very wise. The bible says we should be wise as a serpent and be calm as a dove. They should participate actively and remove their hands from whatever is sinful that will affect the society negatively,” Nwokeforo said.

Nwokeforo, speaking on Wednesday at his third priestly ordination anniversary and Youth/Adult Catechism Forum, YOUCAT, also advised the youths not to withdraw themselves from active politicking.

“The youths should not withdraw themselves. They should make all the efforts they can to sanitize the political environment,” he advised.

The priest also appealed to the federal government to conduct a free and fair election, while also calling on those who eventually become leaders to fear God, so as to take Nigerians to the promise land.

“The election should be free and fair. And whoever eventually emerges should know that God put him there and it is not by his power but by the grace of God he got there. The leaders that will emerge at both state and national level should take the country to the promised land,” he said.

Also speaking at the event tagged: Youths and Politics was Eustace Dunn, Online Content Administrator at TELL Communications Limited.

Dunn in his paper delivered at the church’s main auditorium, titled: “Youth and Politics: What Are We Not Doing Wrong,” informed the youths on the qualities of good leadership, expectation from a good leader and the need to participate actively in politics.

“Leadership involves the action of leading people or a group geared towards keeping certain collective precepts which are mutually beneficial to all. Whether you are interested in politics or not, you need leadership qualities. How well we perform in our roles even as a gateman determines how far we could go in any leadership role,” Dunn said.

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